Roof restoration may be a good option if your roof appears old or tired. Your roof may not be
regulating your home’s temperature as well as it used to, if it has been exposed for any reason,
such as wind, rain, snow, or smoke. It may also be showing signs of damage from the elements,
such as water, smoke, or mold. While a total replacement is certainly an option for many home
owners, you may find that roof restoration is a more economical solution. Here are the steps

Cleaning is the first step to roof restoration. To clean the roof, the contractor will use high-
pressure washers to remove years worth of dirt and mold. Clear gutters will also be used to

reveal the damage. A clean roof will also be easier to notice damage than a dirty one, so it’s
essential to hire a roof restoration professional who can assess the damage and determine how
much work is required. This initial inspection should take under an hour. After the roof has been
thoroughly cleaned, a contractor will determine

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