Criminal background checks can be done using fingerprints, the FBI’s Integrated Automated
Fingerprint ID System and AFIS databases systems. This information will tell you if the applicant
has been convicted in misdemeanor cases, which are less serious that felonies. This type of
check will also reveal whether the applicant was convicted of sex offences or a crime that could
be considered a felony.
A thorough criminal background check can help minimize the risk of a bad hire by ensuring that
the applicant is trustworthy and doesn’t pose a threat. In addition to reducing the likelihood of an
employee stealing from the business, a thorough criminal background check will protect the
reputation of the organization and spare costly public relations efforts. It is important to
remember that criminal history checks are used to identify potential risks and not to prevent
hiring. Although criminal background information is important to any employer, it’s not meant to
stop the hiring process.
The information in a criminal background check is limited. Some records are not legal and may
not be made available to employers. Some states limit the information they can share with
people based on their salary and other factors. Employers can only access a small portion of the
information. However, employers should consider the restrictions in state laws before performing
a background investigation.
The data available through a criminal background check are the most updated and accurate.
The database updates allow criminal records to be found in areas that are not the applicant’s
state of residence. A national criminal background search can help to uncover potential criminal
records that might not be immediately visible. The results can be obtained online or on paper. If
the information provided is inaccurate or outdated, it’s not recommended for hiring. It is best to
have a reliable criminal history check to protect yourself and your company.
Criminal background checks can also be performed using public records. CRA searches public
criminal records databases – county court records and state courts as well as federal databases
– to determine if a person has a criminal history. While the search is reliable and accurate
when you do it, it’s better to do background checks before hiring anyone. Additional methods are
used by the CRA to ensure it provides accurate information.
If your background check results are not sufficient, you may also conduct a statewide criminal
records search. This search will give you the same information as a county level criminal record
check but will be more thorough. You can also search multiple states or all of the counties in the
applicantâ€TMs home state. The more thorough and detailed the search, generally speaking, the
better. There are many other benefits to performing federal criminal background searches.
These benefits make them a valuable part a comprehensive screening program.
After you have completed your criminal history check, the information contained in your
response will show whether the person you are interested is real. The CIB will link your
fingerprints with the person’s CIB criminal record database, and fingerprints are unique
identifiers. The information will include aliases and fraudulent data, including false date of birth
and address. Identity theft is often used to hide a criminalâ€TMs past.
In addition to arrest warrants, criminal background checks can reveal incarceration records and

probation violations. A criminal background check can reveal information about a person’s
employment history. This is important for avoiding hostile work environments. You will need to
give the full name and date of birth to access these records. In some cases, the information may
be in a less detailed format. Your business’s bottom line can be affected by a criminal record
related to sex.
The fastest way for a criminal background check to be done is to run the candidateâ€TMs
information through a national database. This database, which is not a primary source, collects
information from many sources, including court records from different levels. It is unclear how
frequently the information is updated, and this information can’t be 100% accurate. It is best to
use a reliable company with access to all the major online indexes in America.
Even if your company doesn’t have DDS CTSAFEHIRE you can still use CTSAFEHIRE in order
to run a criminal background check. DDS Human Resources staff can either give you an
application form or refer you for DDS Human Resources staff. The Human Resources staff will
then fax your application to DDS Criminal Background Check Unit, Hartford. If your application
has been denied, you’ll need to visit the Department of Public Safety State Police Bureau of
Identification in Middletown to have your fingerprints scanned. It can take up to two weeks for
fingerprints to be taken.

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