How do you care for a child who has had a circumcision? Here are some tips: The cut edge of
the circumcision will seal over a period of several hours or a whole day. The first two weeks will
see a small yellowish area around the glans. This is normal and will subside in a few weeks. In
the meantime, the area of circumcision will turn green or yellow. This is an indication that healing
tissue has begun.
Parents should discuss pain control options with their child’s pediatrician after circumcision. Pain
medications may include swaddling and acetaminophen. An informed consent form will help
parents understand the procedures and the potential risks. It will also allow them to consider the
alternatives. Parents can ensure their child is comfortable and fully understands the procedure
by going through this process. In some cases, parents may decide not to have their child
circumcised at all.
After the procedure, the penis may look melbourne circumcision and yellow. Parents should keep this area clean,
especially after the child has a bowel movement, for seven to ten days. The baby will need to
remain in the baby’s arms for comfort and should be breastfed frequently after the procedure.
Apply petroleum jelly to the affected area as per your health care provider’s recommendation.
The area should heal in seven to ten working days. After the procedure, there may be some
swelling or reddening. It is important to follow all instructions from the doctor who performed the
circumcision. Also, it is important to get it done as soon as you can.
A local or topical anesthetic is used for circumcisions of newborns. This is still considered a
surgical procedure, but it is still a normal procedure that can be painful for the child. The child will
be placed in a circumcision brace, which will keep him still during the procedure. The healthcare
provider will use a scalpel or another instrument to inject a local painkiller into the penis.
Afterwards, the baby will receive acetaminophen or a sugar-water-soaked pacifier.
Normally, it takes between two and three days to recover from an adult circumcision. Some
people will need to be absent for a week after the procedure. Others may need longer. Most
people can resume normal activities within a few days. Masturbation may take up to six week. A
doctor will discuss the best way to proceed with you and offer any pain relief options. Even
though circumcision care is relatively low, it is important to know what to expect after the
Following the surgery, the baby can be sponge-bathed, as long as he/she is not in the pool. The
incision should be kept clean for at least a week by parents. Stool should be cleaned up by
parents. This can prevent the wounds from getting crusty. This also helps to keep the incision
clean. If the incision is bleeding, parents should consult Dr. Islam. This will ensure a healthy and
clean penis.
To protect the penis from infection, the healthcare provider may place a surgical wrap over it. To
hold the penis in its place, a plastic clamp may be used. To expose the penis’s ends, surgical
tools will be used to remove the foreskin. The healthcare provider may apply petroleum jelly to
the area. Once the penis is exposed, a few days afterward, the child will need to be bathed or
dressed to avoid any bleeding.

Parents should remember that circumcision can be a personal decision. This should be
discussed with a doctor before the procedure. Parents should consult a doctor during pregnancy
to ask any questions and to have time to consider the options. Children with severe cases or
phimosis should not be referred for the procedure. Even if a child has mild phimosis at birth, it is
important to take good care and follow the post-operative care.
During healing, the foreskin of a baby can be cut too soon or too late. Sometimes, the foreskin
might become infected and will need to be recircumcised. Although it does not affect sexual
pleasure, a circumcision can reduce the risk of developing a urinary tract infections. Some
parents may be concerned about pain and fear that the procedure will harm the child’s sexual

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